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Blackberry in Repose

I realized recently that although I had been reviewing a lot of Twitter apps I had missed out on a complete section of them – the Mobile apps.

I decided that this would be a great area to open up this blog to guest bloggers. This is the first in a series that are being written by other authors who have agreed to post here. All of whom responded to a Tweeted request for guest bloggers.

Caryn Brown describes herself as a system administrator and helpdesk goddess (which means I’m a geek) with 2 crazy sons and a wonderful husband. Oh yeah, I’m a HUGE foodie, cosmetics junkie, and twitteraddict. You can find my it’s all geek to me blog at

These are her thoughts on Twitterberry:

Once I discovered twitter and really got into “tweeting”, I knew that I was going to need an application to run on my blackberry to let me use Twitter more easily when I was away from my laptop. After some searching, I decided on Twitterberry from orangatame software. It was very easy to use, and I got up and running with it very quickly.

Improved upgrade

The first version of Twitterberry that I installed was the 0.6 version. It worked pretty good, but it was limited. Basically for me, the only real advantage to Twitterberry was that I could easily “tweet” and read my friend’s “tweets” from my phone.

Recently, I upgraded to twitterberry 0.8, and I am very impressed with it. The first thing that I noticed and liked about the new version was the ability to ‘favorite’ a tweet from within twitterberry. This is really nice if there is something or someone you want to look into more when you have time and aren’t working from your little blackberry screen.

Another improvement with this version is that it caches your updates. When you go into your friend’s timeline, your replies or your direct messages, you will see what was pulled down the last time you connected. While you are waiting for your new updates, you can look though the updates from your last connection.

The increase in the list of tweets it displays from 20 to 200 is a great improvement.

The last new function I have used in upgrade is the integration with twitpics. You can take a picture with your blackberry and tweet it with a link to the picture through twitpics.

What Mobile Twitter app do you use? Have you had experience with more than one? Would you like to share those experiences here?

Image by Tojosan via Flickr
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I use twitterberry 0.6, I don’t like that it doesn’t notify me of replies but is the best around. Thanks for the review!

Appreciate the review. I have a blkberry and have been looking for an application I can use that eliminate having to do twelve steps just to view replies and follow my friends!

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