Mommy blogs:Why you should read them

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Sharing Mommy's Breakfast

Do you read Mommy blogs? No? Perhaps you think they are only for other Mommy’s or that they have no relevance to your business or communication strategy – think again.

The first Mommy blog I started reading was TheDailyblonde, written by Cheryl Phillips. I honestly can’t remember how I found her but I was an instant fan. She writes honestly openly and very frankly. Since discovering Cheryl I have been finding others who are also a lot of fun to read. Just yesterday I came across Elle on Twitter. She started following me so I did as I always do, checked her Twitter profile page and followed the link to her blog. The first post I read was a note to her daughters teacher explaining her daughters homework. I got a great laugh from reading it.

More Than Just Laughs

I am sure I don’t need to tell you that it is acknowledged fact that women are stereotypically better at nuturing than men. Social networking is all about nuturing relationships. In my experience Mothers are extremely good at building networks especially with other Mothers. They have a common interest, they share common experiences, they have similar concerns.

Chris Brogan wrote a post on 40 ways to deliver killer content to your blog audience. He makes great points about how to create a dynamic blog and generate followers. When you compare his list with most Mommy blogs, there they are, all his tips in action. Why? Because for the most part, Mommy bloggers aren’t trying to be clever, they aren’t trying to be seen as “better than”, they are focused on sharing.

What Has The Menopause Got To Do With My Business?

Now if you clicked the link to Cheryl’s blog at the beginning of this post you will have found yourself reading about the menopause. Why is that at all relevant to your business. Because it meets all the measures of how a blog should be written. Brogan’s rule #3 – ” Use small words. You don’t have to impress people. You have to be clear.” Check. Cheryl isn’t writing a medical paper she is writing for other women. Brogan’s rule #8 ” Make your point from the reader’s side of the fence. Who is your audience?” Check. Cheryl and other Mommy bloggers know their audience. They understand them, they know their issues and concerns and they know how to communicate with them.


Brogan’s rule #22 ” Don’t mince words. If it’s a “pissing match,” it’s not a disagreement.” Trust me, no don’t, go read for yourself and you will find it harder to read a more honest group of bloggers than Mommy bloggers.

If you are writing a business blog, definitely follow the tips that you will find at Chris Brogan’s blog, Darren Rowse, Guy Kawasaki or any of the other big name bloggers but don’t forget to read blogs that have implemented these rules, sometimes without even knowing it. Put yourself in their shoes, are you as in tune with your audience as they are? If not then perhaps you should spend sometime reading Mommy blogs.

On Twitter there is now a MILT movement starting – Mom I’d Like to Tweet. Who would you add to your MILR (Mom I Like to Read) list ?

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9 Responses to “Mommy blogs:Why you should read them”

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MILT! Now I am just all over that acronym. YOU are right on with this post. I rarely call myself a “mommy blogger” because I think I don’t post the traditional diapers/scrapbooking/cute pair of shoes stuff on my blog, but I’m a seasoned Mom (24 years now) so I think I can relate to the daily toils of other women. As far as business goes, I know a fair bit about that as well and the “education” you get as a Mom teaches you how to be a great business woman, whether you work outside the home or not.
Great post.

I’ve never considered myself a ‘mommy’ blogger, perhaps because my family is a blended one and most of my mommying days for my own were years ago. But I am now again a “mommy” and I blog so yeah, I’m a mommy blogger and I don’t step back from controversy. I DO say it like it is.

My audience is an unusual blend of parents, small biz profs and marketing gurus so ya just never know.

And MILT? well I hope I’m one!

That’s the first time I’ve heard MILT, but I like it! That was a great post and thanks so much for the mention. It’s always such a good feeling when someone else appreciates what you wrote!


Great post – I like what you say about Mommy blogs be in it for the sharing info and not to “one-up” one another.

A couple of years ago, I presented to some sales ideas to a group of “momtrepreneurs”, some of which were personal friends. They are a tight bunch, and it’s great to see your thoughts about that here.

[…] Mommy blogs:Why you should read them […]

Simon, this article is wonderful. I’m a wife, mommy and spa owner. I’ve always been a quiet blogger, blogging after having an epiphany or a nice thought that I felt was important to just “put out there.” I am not sure if I even have readers as I have minimal spare time to blog and since blogging when epiphany hits is not usually a daily occurrence, any readers I may have might want a little more frequent content…..but in my mind ~ it is just nice to have a place to say something. ( I blog at

The web provides us all with a place to find common ground, be ourselves, find ourselves, learn and look up a quick recipe for Easy Potato Soup. (What I do each time I make it! LOL).

My most recently discovery is Twitter ~ I didn’t realize how much I needed to connect and expand. I equate Twitter to going to a vintage clothing shop that has already picked all the best items out of the thrift stores so everything you have to choose from is stellar. I love the links to articles, the tech news, the daily news, the witty commentary and the speed at which it all moves and gets RT (ReTweeted), etc. It’s even how I found your blog….and, yes….I am a MILT! Currently #3 on the Shorty Awards Leader Board. Top 5 move into finals on January 1, with winners of key categories giving 140 character speeches. How fun!

Thank you for your article, I am inspired to blog a little more…beyond epiphany and my daily Twitter micro blogging.

Thank you for the kind comment. I hope to always inspire. Congratulations on your nomination, look forward to reading your winning speech 🙂

Not to mention mommybloggers reach a huge audience for businesses! They’re the ones with the power to influence!

I recently came out of the mommyblogging closet with my 2nd blog, Sometimes Parenting Sucks (
Susan Payton
The Marketing Eggspert

Great to see you here 🙂 Love the fact that you came out of the closet. More power to the Mommy bloggers I say!

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