HOW TO:Connect LinkedIn to Twitter

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Someone recently expressed the hope that some day there would be a way to connect LinkedIn contacts to Twitter.  Actually what they asked was if there was an application that did this.

I set to thinking about this and after a few hours figured out the solution – ok when you see the solution you will probably wonder why it took me several hours – I was doing other things at the same time.

So here it is, in all of its ugliness, its not the neatest work around but it does actually work.

First thing I suggest you do is create an alternate email address with one of the following services:

  • Yahoo
  • Hotmail
  • AOL
  • MSN
  • Gmail

Why these, because they are the ones supported by Twitter for contact import.  If you already have an account with one of these services you can use that but bear in mind you are going to add your LinkedIn contacts to it and then you would have to figure out who of your contacts came from LinkedIn and who already existed, hence my suggestion that you create a new account. I have only tested this with Gmail, I don’t know if the other webmail services support contact importing, so from here on it only applies to Gmail.

Ok having setup your new email account (or not). Go to LinkedIn.  Go to Contacts. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find “Export Connections”.  Clicking that will take you to a screen like this:


Select Microsoft Outlook – .csv file.  Save the file somewhere you can find it again.

Go to your Gmail account and select Contacts and then Import (should be on the top right hand side of your screen).  Import the file from LinkedIn.

Now you can return to Twitter.  Go to “Find People” and enter the details for the account you setup:

twit_findWhich will look something like the image above.

Twitter will then import your contacts and show you how many are currently using Twitter.  Of the 454 contacts I imported 88 were using Twitter.  Having selected which ones you want to follow you are then shown a list of those contacts who are not on Twitter.  You can choose to email them an invite or skip that stage.

And there you have it, your LinkedIn contacts are now being followed on Twitter.  Overall I would say it took me a little under 5 mins to carry out these steps, of course it will depend on how many LinkedIn contacts you have.

Know a more graceful way to achieve this, tried it with another email service, let me know.

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14 Responses to “HOW TO:Connect LinkedIn to Twitter”

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While this may work … it’s ugly! 🙂 Linkedin needs to realize the value of Twitter and add the application as have already done with others …

You are right. It would be much better if LinkedIn were able to provide a direct connection between the two services. I fear that is unlikely to happen soon. So we are left to figure out workarounds for ourselves.

From one hack to another, Simon…whatever works. It may not be the quickest way up the mountain, but if you’re their Sherpa, who are they to complain. This might not be expedient, but it’s completely straightforward, and it works for sure. Straight up and done.

Hmmm, can’t seem to import into Gmail. But Julie is right – LinkedIn need to follow the other integration with apps like WordPress and build this in.

Thats me, if it works I’ll use it. I’d love to see LinkedIn integrate with Twitter and other platforms but I dont see it happening at least not in the near future. So until then I’ll keep trying to figure out new ways around those issues.

Thank you for the information. That is quite a “work around”! We also hope for an easy application soon.

I think LinkedIn is still at the stage where it is more focused on developing its own presence than necessarily looking to integrate with other platforms. As Twitter develops its following this year I think that may change.

I applaud your willingness to work through all of this and share it with the rest of us. This is true networking.
I used to work in IT and am still smiling at how committed technical folks are to finding solutions for others.

Kudos …
Kate Nasser

Thank you. I love doing this stuff, hope you found it useful.

Thanks for this! Will be very helpful.

Glad you liked the post. As a note this method also works for Facebook too 🙂

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could update your linkedin status and show that as a tweet on twitter?

Yahoo also works fine ….

Great that’s good to know thank you for trying it out that way too.

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