Twannabe – Who do You Follow?

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There are several follower finders for Twitter available. Mr. Tweet has received a lot of attention but it also has its critics mainly because there is no justification for why you should follow the individuals that are recommended.

twannabe1A newer tool – Twannabe comes closer to making more personal recommendations. Basically you enter your account details and the Twitter username of the person you want to “recommend” followers.

Unfortunately the tool uses terms like “Hero” which makes it seem a little High School-ish but it does perform well.

Having entered your details and that of your “Hero” you are shown a list of Twitter users that your “Hero” folllows that you don’t. They are ordered by the last time they updated Twitter, so it gives you a sense of relevance.

It tells you where the Twitter user lives and how many followers they have.

Following them involves two steps – first clicking on the Follow button doesn’t, what it does do is take you to the users profile page and you can follow them from there – its a shame this step is there but it only detracts a little.twannabe2

I have been using the tool for a few weeks now and personally find it a great way to find new and interesting people to follow. Its not exactly the same as getting a personal recommendation but it is very close, and a lot closer than Mr. Tweet.

How do you find new Twitter users to follow?


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10 Responses to “Twannabe – Who do You Follow?”

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Pretty neat. Could easily be used to add a ton of people to your follow list if that’s what you wanted to do.

I usually go with Twitter Grader suggestions, but I think I’m approaching my personal maximum with ~300.

I agree, there are a lot of pro’s & con’s to increasing your following list. The tools are especially good for those who are new to Twitter. What I like about this tool is that you get to choose who is making the recommendation.

Nice app. I personally prefer using the ‘Find People’ option if I need to search for people residing in the same country or city as me. The Find People option is fully functioning now and I had blogged about it here.

I agree with you regarding Mr. Tweet. Tried it too. I found out that it simply suggests me people with high follower count. But is that the right thing to do?

I mean I dont think it’s really important to see how many followers a person has to term him/her interesting. A lot of times I’ve seen bots having a large number of followers since many twitter users have enabled auto follow for their accounts.

The best way to build you friend list on twitter is to interact a lot on twitter. When you see new @Reply names, go to the profile, check it out and follow them if they are interesting.

Phew I wrote a lot!

P.S. On twitter(@NischalShetty) I write only 140 🙂

Thanks Nick, I appreciate that.

How are you getting “Find People” to work on a geographic basis? Right now it only seems to be based on existing accounts, email address books or by invite. Unless you are using the Advanced Search. What I like about this tool is that its based on a “recommendation” of a person you are already following.

Huh! I missed a line in my comment at the start! Donno how.. will correct it:

Nice app. I personally prefer using the ‘Find People’ option if I need to search for friends I know and for finding people residing in the same country or city as me.

I’m not sure if I’d use this. I’ve been pretty careful trying to find people via recommendations from other tweeters. If I like tweeting w someone, I check out their followers. Usually I find some good people in there! I tried the automated suggestions route and got lots of people I had no interest in. Gave that up really fast!

You know, I’ve reached another plateau for searching out followers. I’ll still add the occasional person I run across, but probably 90% of my adds lately are people that are adding me first. I try to follow everyone that follows me (with a few exceptions…some people are just patently not what I’m looking for), and that’s what’s growing my tally more than anything else.

I go through phases, as I really like to see how the Twitter experience changes for me as I jump up the ladder of both following more people, and having more followers. Perhaps that’s just the anthropologist in me…

I do NOT follow people to be followed. I despise it when people follow me trying to bait for a follow, and if I don’t reciprocate quickly enough, they bounce. Makes me think that I should consider never reciprocating until at least 4-7 days have passed…hmmm, I smell another experiment coming on.

I’m actually in the same boat. I tend to follow new people based on personal recommendations. Thats why I preferred this tool to Mr Tweet. Because I get to select who I want to follow based on who is already following them.

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