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Which smartphone is for you?

I am trying to decide which smart phone is right for me, it occurred to me there are probably quite a few other people trying to make the same decision, so I have pulled together the features and information that I felt were important and put them in one place so you can decide for yourself.  I make no recommendations because your needs will be different from mine. The decision can seem bewildering, not least because the iPhone has been an established model for a couple of years now, updated this year with its 3G version.  The G1 became available last week and the Blackberry Storm is not due for release until later this year.  Combine that with the fact that each of these phones is only available on individual networks all of whom offer different services and features the decision becomes even harder.  These three phones are not by any means the only choices in the Smart phone market, they are just the three that seem to be capturing the interest of most people at the moment.

Features / Phone iPhone G1 Storm
QWERTY Keyboard OnScreen Physical – Slide out  OnScreen – Landscape Mode 
TouchScreen  Yes  Yes  Yes 
One Touch Screen  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Real Web Browsing  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Camera  2.0MP  3.2MP  3.2MP 
Music Player  Yes  Yes  Yes 
GPS  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Memory  16GB internal  71MB internal / microSD  1GB / microSD 
Dimensions (in inches) 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.48  4.6 x 2.1 x 0.6  4.43 x 2.45 x 0.55 
Screen Size (in inches) 3.5  3.25  3.25 
Weight  4.70z  5.6oz  5.5oz 
Colors  Black, White  Black, Bronze  Black 
Cost – New Customer  $299.00 w/2yr contract  $179.99 w/2yr contract  $TBA but rumored to be $199.00 w/2yr contract 
Cost Existing Customer w/contract extn $399.00 $349.00 TBA 
Cost Existing customer w/o extn  $499.00  $399.00 TBA 

These are the features that I was comparing, of course there are other features that maybe more important to you, enterprise integration for example. Bear in mind the pricing I list here is as given by the companies on their websites and may vary (you can always try negotiating).

Have they got you covered?

The other big consideration is that these are smart phones because they operate on the 3G networks of the various providers that supply them.  If they arent connected to those networks then they really arent much smarter than other phones that have been available for years.

This is where 3G coverage becomes important.  Right now if you look at any of the coverage maps, it is mostly limited to major metropolitan areas.  T-mobile & AT&T provide lists of the cities they cover. Verizon provides a map (you will need to select show 3G on Verizons map) .

What is clear is that if you live outside of the major metropolitan areas you are going to be buying a phone that will not give you a huge difference in features from a lot of phones already available.  I live 40 miles outside of Austin, its doubtful that any of the services that I might be tempted by on 3G networks will work or work well in this area.

So Which Smartphone is for you?  Have you already chosen and if so what made you pick a particular phone?

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