Case Studies: Are you getting the most from them?

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 Case studies are one of the most effective marketing tools that an organization can use. However, they are often under utilized. Quite often generated as a request from the sales department or as part of an addition to the “Customers” or “Clients” page on a website, there are many more uses for this communication media.

As part of the sales process they can be used to actively overcome objections and as “instant” references. Placed on a website they provide a passive information experience that can provide assurance to a potential customer that they are, in fact, at the right place.   
So why send customers brochures, why not send them that great story, something that they can relate to and will remember. The Technical Buying and Media Consumption Survey, 2007 reported that 67% of recipients of Case Studies used them as part of their buying decision process.
It also provides your sales force with a completely different approach. Instead of contacting prospects and asking if they can send product information. They can ask if they can send them the success story of a customer. It allows for an easier follow up call, “What did you think of how customer ABC used the product to solve that problem?”
It is also a great way to maintain contact with prospects for your sales force. Now they have a reason to send something to them. Beyond this, why not use it as a press release? Instead of the usual press release that is all about you, now you are telling a story, which makes for great material for any editor looking to include interesting information in an article, or just as the basis for a story.

Why not convert it to PowerPoint? Now your speakers have a dynamic element for their next presentation, and the take-away handout – yes you guessed it, your case study.

If you are already in the habit of maintaining contact with your existing and potential customers through the use of newsletter or ezines, then your case study just became a compelling article that will have people reading, and once you have them reading you can promote other services, products or information.

As you can see, case studies can be a dynamic tool in your marketing toolbox. Don’t limit their use to just the sales department. Maximize how you use them; after all you have a great story to tell, so tell it.











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